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Testing clan profiles

Thanks for visiting our website please check our profiles out for a laugh or maybe you are just curious about the
people you are often playing against or with.

If a profile is missing it basically because the clan member is too damn lazy to get his fat ass over here to fill out
his/her details so next time you see them give them hell or at the very least teamkill them.

Well folks Socom Confrontation is out next month March 13th for those of you getting blu-ray. As soon as you lot
have got used to the new maps we will try and get some matches sorted and hopefully with patch 1.40 we will
be able to organize matches within socom which should be far more handy.

socom looks like its gonna be fun again.

Lets take [KA] from strength to strength and improve upon an already great clan and
decent bunch of lads

Here's a quick link to the Confrontation maps Socom Guide Information and Walkthrough Website

[KA] Fumanchu posted `on 8th Feb 2009

Match Dates for August



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